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Bootstrap vs Investment

Pete Howard

Student Innovation Lead at UC Centre for Entrepreneurship
Pete works to support the development of early-stage ventures at the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship. He believes that our future will be shaped by changemakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have the ability to make a positive impact in the world.
"Unicorns don't exist - stop chasing them"

Tammara Lowdell

Co-founder of Eat Choice
Tamara is the co-founder of the soon to be released foodie app, Eat Choice. After 25 years in the travel and tourism industry, she is now turning her passion to helping people find good food that’s good for them.
"Investment is for people pleasers"

Clive Antony

Founding Director of Antony & Mates
Clive Antony is the founding director of Antony & Mates and has a deep expertise in social media. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Clive has helped numerous businesses build their brand and grow their online presence through innovative social media strategies.
"Investment will be the downfall of our economy"

Jeremy Wyn-Harris

General Manager at Builderscrack.co.nz
Interested in the intersection of technology, business and better ways of doing things, Jeremy Wyn-Harris is an entrepreneur and innovator. From founding Epic Digital in 1998 and working in machine control at Trimble to founding the leading network service connecting tradespeople with homeowners, Builderscrack.co.nz, Jeremy has a wealth of experience on both sides of this debate.
"DIY isn’t for everyone"

Anna Guenther

Co-founder & Chief Bubble Blower at PledgeMe
Anna has raised investment for PledgeMe multiple times, but also been hands on supporting hundreds of founders around the motu to raise the funds they need. Since launching, almost 1,700 campaigns have raised over $70 million through the PledgMe platform.
"You don’t need to bother with either option"

Delphine Ducaruge

Chairperson at NZTech
Delphine is a French-Kiwi who is as au fait with geek-speak as she is with business. She proudly serves as the Chairperson of NZTech and has had her own ventures, worked in startups and SMEs.
"You're too old to bootstrap."
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The Reboot

Tim McInnes

Owner and Director at Ruffells
"Sack them if they suck"

Melissa Davies

Director, SaaS Founder, Consultant
"We don't need to 'start with why'"

Tracy Ahern

General Manager at Canterbury A&P Association
"Period waste is everyone's problem"

Mr. G – Galeno Chua

Sustainability and Comms Leader at Waste Co.
"Parenting is the single greatest blockage to sustainability."

Michaela Laubscher

Head of SEO at Empire9
"Hybrid work is the death of innovation"

Kelsie Inglis

General Manager and Strategist at Publica
"Fatphobia is the last acceptable form of workplace discrimination"
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CYP Edition
Annabelle Cole

Annabelle Cole

Systems and Inventory Manager at Countdown
Annabelle is a proud rep of Woolworths' Climate Change Steering Committee, passionate about all things supply chains and their impact on businesses and our communities.
"Constant connectivity has made us less social than ever"

Dave Cullen

Digital Product Manager at Publica
Dave’s one of our own, holding the role of solution architect, digital problem solver and translator between dev-speak and plain English here at Publica.
"Children need unlimited screen time"

Isaak Taylor

Business Owner at Light Creative Construction
Isaak wears many hats - he's an inventor, CEO of a construction landscaping company and owner of an investor-backed startup in logistics.
"TikTok is the saviour of social media and needs to be embraced"

Lawrence Smith

Digital Strategist at Five Ideas
Lawrence founded Cabbage Tree Creative in 1996 and has worked with countless clients to develop digital solutions, primarily in the tourism industry.
"Most New Zealand websites are shit, even the ones you think are pretty good"

Lee Parkinson

Strategy Partner at Strategy Creative
Lee’s got an incredible amount of experience in the agency arena and holds a strong belief that we need to stay curious to succeed in any business.
"Search algorithms are making us all more stupid"

Modecai Nkhwazi

Solutions Broker
Modecai started his career as an accountant, and now helps solo business operators get to where they want to go with strategy support.
"Criticism of digital privacy in China is hypocritical"

Sinead Storch

Education and Curriculum Consultant
Sinead is a passionate educator who recently co-authored a child’s book, Bodhi & BooBoo Bubble, a story of kindness and Kiwi spirit during worldwide C19 lockdowns.
"Parents are the biggest violators of their children’s privacy"
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First Edition

Andrea Brewster

Internal Comms Manager at Xplor
Andrea is a professional changemaker, staunch feminist and proud milleniall who believes business can be a force for good.
"Every business should be an impact business"

Angela White

Executive Officer at Adolescent Success
Angela travels around Australasia researching and applying best practice in digital literacy and pedagogies for classrooms. Essentially, she teaches the teachers.
"Emotional literacy is the language of the future."

Hamish Duff

Principal Consultant at Recalibrate
Hamish's sweet spot is in helping businesses get the right technology foundations in place, when he's not teaching digital transformation to UC's MBA programme.
"Rapid technology change spells the end of the professional"

Louisa Taylor

General Manager – Client Partnerships at Publica
Louisa's strengths have long been in supporting businesses to consolidate their business plans, challenge their thinking and test their assumptions.
"Your lawyer could be your biggest risk to innovation success"

John Vargo

Executive Director of Resilient Organisations Ltd.
John's research has focussed on the impacts of the earthquakes on Industry 4.0 (the synthesis of: AI, IoT, robotics, Cyber security, additive manufacturing)
"Industry 4.0, cutting edge future or a looming resilience disaster?"

Sophie Oxley

Founder at Buggy Buds
Sophie's worn many hats – two include her role as Campaign Lead with Microsoft Partner sa.global, and Founder of her social enterprise Buggy Buds.
"Millennials are getting older now, but they're still interesting"
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